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Mom Approved Healthy Kids Snack

Mom-Approved Snacking

My daughter Henley loves to eat Monster Pop! I love being able to give her a healthy snack that she will eat and ask to have!

Renee C.

I am a self proclaimed popcorn snob and so are my kids.  We have tried various varieties and brands and Monster Pop is our favorite.  The taste is awesome, and it's not greasy like some other brands. I am comfortable with my kids eating Monster Pop as a healthy snack option!

Yolanda V.

Monster Pop has entered my family’s rotation of healthy snacks.  My wife and I try to be very conscious of what we give our 3 year old.  We look for healthy snacks that are tasty.  And Monster Pop fits that bill to a tee!  It’s a guilt free snack that my daughter loves to munch on!

Jason W.